• 12 Mar, 2022

Casino Alpha Tests

We have completed the Alpha Test phase.

Alpha testing of Royal Chain Online Casino has been completed. In our test results, we applied the possible scenarios we wanted to test and collected the results in detail. Especially in this test phase, we focused on the compatibility of ROYAL transfer processes (Deposits/Withdrawals) and gambling games with ROYAL and the compatibility of our own software with the system. We examined how the Table games and slot games we developed within Royal Chain Casino and the gambling games we added to Royal Chain Casino from our partners reacted in various scenarios. After the completion of the alpha test phase, we started to work on interpreting the data obtained in the most correct way and making the necessary interventions.

Topics we researched during the alpha testing phase:

  • - Transfer stages of ROYAL token into the application (Deposits/Withdrawals)
  • - Fully compatible with all the software in the Royal Chain Casino application
  • - Royal Chain's own gambling software works within the application and gambling with ROYAL
  • - Integration and harmonious operation of table and slot games of partner companies into the system
  • - Reporting the errors created by the negative scenarios and their results

The Beta Test phase, which is currently open for applications, will be shared with you on our social media accounts in the coming days. You can get the chance to participate in the Beta test by filling out the application form. The only condition for participation is that participants have ROYAL tokens in their wallets.

P.S: If there are no ROYAL tokens in the wallets sent to us in applications, you will lose your chance to participate in Beta tests.

Royal Chain Development Team