• 06 Sep, 2021

Casino Stake

Although this system is similar to the classical stake system from the viewpoint of implementation, it allows the investors to become partners of the casino as long as they stake their coins in the casino by including them in the Casino stake pool, instead of the purpose of proof as in POS. Investors will deposit their coins in the casino stake pools that will be opened on a weekly basis and will receive a share of the distributable profit of the casino will gain that week depending on the amount of coins they deposited after locking them for a week.

So what do we mean when talking about distributable profit? The casino must keep its system functional, serve the players and take the necessary security measures to be able to distribute the promised profit in the casino staking system. Meeting these requirements will have a number of expenses that will be recorded as fixed expenses, the cost of which will be publicly reported. The remaining amount after subtracting these costs from the total turnover of the casino that gained throughout a week is defined as distributable profit.

Here is an example of the distributions:
Tom staked 50,000 ROYAL,
Jennifer staked 250,000 ROYAL,
Bob staked 1,000,000 ROYAL,
Elon staked 5,000,000 ROYAL,
Jeff staked 750,000 ROYAL,

Total staked ROYAL: 7,050,000
Tom's stake rate is 50,000/7,050,000: 0.70%,
Jennifer's stake rate is 250,000/7,050,000: 3.54%,
Bob's stake rate is 1,000,000/7,050,000: 14.18%,
Elon's stake rate is 5,000,000/7,050,000: 70.92%,
Jeff's stake rate is 750,000/7,050,000: 10.63%.

In a scenario where the casino profits 100,000,000 ROYAL that week, all investors will receive their share of the profits based on their stake pool rates.

The shares of the profit will be distributed automatically by the system depending on the participation of investors, as shown below:

Tom will receive 700,000 of 100,000,000 ROYAL in return for a 0.7% share of the Casino profit,
Jennifer will receive 3,540,000 of 100,000,000 ROYAL in return for a 3.54% share of the Casino profit,
Bob will receive 14,180,000 of 100,000,000 ROYAL in return for a 14.18% share of the Casino profit,
Elon will receive 70,920,000 of 100,000,000 ROYAL in return for a 70.92% share of the Casino profit,
Jeff will receive 10,630,000 of 100,000,000 ROYAL in return for a 10.63% share of the Casino profit.

The primary goal of creating this system is to enable investors of all levels to get a share from the highly profitable Casino sector, which is managed by groups that monopolize the casino sector, with a structure that medium and small-scale investors cannot participate in any way. The aim is to get out of this monopolized system of the market, where billions of dollars are collected as profits every year.