• 08 Feb, 2022

Provably Fair Algorithm

The major problem of the online casino industry is the trust factor for the players. Many players hope that the games will be purely luck-based with a fair infrastructure. But this hope is limited only by reliance on the greatness of the casinos' names. Especially in non-live games, it is not possible for players to be sure that the results are purely determined by chance without cheating. There is a situation of forced trust.

At the Royal Chain Casino, which will be developed based on Provably Fair Algorithms, players will be able to access evidence of algorithms through which they can check that the result of every game they play is based entirely on luck. In provably fair algorithms, all activities such as bets, prizes, and results will be recorded on the blockchain for everyone to see, thus creating the gaming environment that players desire as it is fully protected against manipulation and human-made fraud.

For example, in the roulette game, approximately 1 million games will be played randomly by the system in advance. The seed required to generate the random number will be taken from the random hash of a certain chain, for example, blockchain, which can be accessed by everyone. This seed will then be encrypted with sha256 to create a new seed and the new seed will also be encrypted. This process will be repeated until 1 million hashes are obtained. Thus, it will be easy and certain to verify that there is no cheating in the results since each game contains the results of all previous games in the hash that is determined when played. When all bets are received at the beginning of the game, the accuracy of all bets included in the game will be guaranteed by hashing the bets and adding them to the game result, providing our users and investors to be able to play in a fair, transparent and reliable environment.